This will most likely end in bloodshed


The Nana died recently.  At some point she transitioned from being just a nana to “the Nana.”  That woman deserved a modifier more than just about anyone I’ve had the pleasure to know.  She never wanted to be extraordinary (my words, not hers), but the way her life rolled out required that she become it.  In a twenty minute phone conversation with the Nana, you would get cramps in your side from laughing hysterically, and moments later be moved to tears by an offhand comment so profound you’d swear she was a poet.  She was the single most quotable person I have ever met.

Suffice to say, she will be painfully missed.

The Nana had a house full of curiosities.  She surrounded herself with artifacts from her favorite historical eras and mementos from her family’s present.  The set of gold Buddha statuettes from 18th century Japan were on the shelf next to chintzy snowglobes from the Dominican Republic.  She stuck her own little treasures – polaroids and postcards – into the pages of first edition volumes of Civil War narratives.  The Nana had a lot of stuff.

There is only one thing which we’re all arguing about, though.  The Aboriginal War Club.

This image is the closest thing I could find on the internet, ours has a large blunt side as well as a pointed side but you get the idea.  It’s about four feet tall, solid wood, with beautiful carvings up the side.  I’m not sure how it came into her possession, but for a sweet old lady she had a number of antique weapons.  The War Club is the only thing which everyone wants.  And I am pretty sure that since my brother, sister, cousins and I lack the ability to interact as adults when we’re around each other, this is probably going to end with one of us using the War Club on the others.


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